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Environment and Sustainability


Environmental management, climate change, urban sustainability and resilience can be handled with greater accuracy and determination using geospatial information and advanced technologies. Creating sustainable and resilient solutions for public and private institutions means ensuring longevity and adaptability to changing futures. GPC has worked on several projects and initiatives to promote these themes.      

Project Example:

AGEDI – Phases I & II
The AGEDI program was originally conceived in 2001 by the Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi (EAD) as a means of participating as an active and visible participant in international environmental affairs, with an emphasis on “closing the environmental gap between developed and developing nations”.  The program was initially fashioned around the United Nations World Summit for Sustainable Development (WSSD) Type II Partnership Initiative, as a tool to support the environmental provisions of Chapter 40 of Agenda 21 and the Millennium Development Goals.  GPC supported EAD in the development of the AGEDI work plans at multiple scales, and in 2007, conducted a program assessment to identify issues, priorities and considerations for moving the AGEDI initiative forward.  In 2008, GPC-GIS was selected as the firm to implement the second phase of the AGEDI program that focused on institutional capacity building at the sub-national level executed through the development of a series of products including:  an institutional program alignment strategy; refinement and development of nine environmental and socioeconomic focused sector papers and knowledgebase; refinement and development of the second State of the Environment for Abu Dhabi; development of an environmental atlas for Abu Dhabi; enhancing and further development of a geospatial portal; refinement of the AGEDI website; and developing a locally relevant environmental performance index for Abu Dhabi.  In 2012, GPC was a core team leader in the planning and implementation of the Eye On Earth Summit, a major worldwide meeting of leaders in societal information infrastructure held in Abu Dhabi in December.  Speakers included President Bill Clinton, presidents of the Global Spatial Data Infrastructure, the Group on Earth Observations, the United Nations, and many others.   GPC continues to support the further development of 8 Special Initiatives that were formulated at the Summit, involving a wide variety of prominent stakeholder organizations and individuals who continue the collaborative work together to advance the vision and objectives of the Eye On Earth Summit.