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Enterprise System Design and Implementation


GPC develops effective enterprise system design and implementation strategies that focus on supporting an organization’s functions while providing databases that can yield the most beneficial results, for the least cost, in the shortest period of time.

Full GIS implementation is a substantial undertaking which should be carefully planned and executed. GIS implementation will be an investment in the institution’s data resource infrastructure that will require the initial and ongoing support of government administrators or company decision makers, and these executives will expect tangible results. An effective implementation strategy must therefore focus on supporting an organization’s functions and provide databases that can yield the most beneficial results, for the least cost, and in the shortest time. The effective and successful implementation of an initial GIS framework to support Mission Critical functions within the organization is thus essential. A system design, phased implementation plan and pilot programming can provide the blueprint of standards, guidelines, tasks and funding requirements for carrying out initial and ongoing GIS implementation. This plan normally contains several components, including a user needs assessment, data collection and evaluation, hardware configuration conceptual design, application software conceptual design, database design, staff training program, phased implementation strategy, pilot program definition and in some cases an implementation financing strategy.