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Algeria National Cadastre Overview Assessment

Client: Algeria National Cadastre
Location: Algiers, Algeria
Starting Year: 2003

The Algeria National Cadastre (ANC), in 1993 initiated the development of a computerized cadastral mapping system to capture and manage boundary and ownership information concerning the Country's estimated several million urban and rural land parcels. This was intended to complement and integrate with the land title information database that was implemented within the Conservation Foncierre (CF), also within the Ministry of Finance, during the same period.   The ANC cadastral mapping system has been a unique and aggressive showcase for the application of new technology for digital data capture and management, and it continues to effectively serve this purpose today. Since that time, GIS and related technologies such as GPS, remote sensing, relational database management systems, modular programming and the Internet have progressed tremendously. The convergence and integrated use of this broad range of new technologies is now made possible through powerful new functionality and open, inter-operable systems standards. These offer unprecedented opportunities to apply new and creative combinations of capabilities towards more effective data access and analysis, streamlining of government operations across multiple sectors, and the use of cadastral information as a fundamental keystone for a national spatial data infrastructure to support physical, economic, and social development and environmental protection in Algeria.  GPC worked with ESRI-France and the Algerian National Cadastre to assess the existing situation and system, and to identify areas for building upon the existing technical foundation system, and to define practical steps that can be taken to move this initiative forward in concert with the GTZ supported modernization program.  The assessment provides an overview of the existing situation regarding cadastral information management, a requirements analysis that synthesizes existing practices and potential process and tool enhancements to a series of functional groupings, and lastly presents a framework for an implementation strategy by which the government of Algeria can move forward in an incremental way towards a more integrated cadastral information infrastructure for the Country.