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Al Ain Town Planning Department GIS Modernization Study

Client: Al Ain Municipality
Location: Al Ain, UAE
Starting Year: 2002

The mapping system within the Computerized Data Management System (CDMS) at the Al Ain Town Planning Department (TPD) was initiated in the early 1980's.  At that time, the system was a unique and aggressive showcase for the application of new technology for digital mapping and cartographic production. Since that time, GIS and related technologies such as GPS, remote sensing, relational database management systems, modular programming and the Internet have developed tremendously. The convergence and integrated use of these technologies is now made possible through open, inter-operable systems standards that offer unprecedented opportunities to apply new and creative combinations of capabilities towards more effective planning, municipal operations, community service and "enterprise" systems to support better overall government operations.  GPC supported the Al Ain TPD to conduct a rapid GIS requirements review and implementation strategy.  The intention of the review was to support the TPD in identifying the wide range of applications that could be supported by GIS, and the identification of practical steps that can be taken to move this initiative forward.  It is expected that this document will serve as a starting point for a more detailed requirements analysis and a system design and implementation strategy that will guide the development of a full GIS capability at the TPD in the near future.