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Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority (ADWEA)

Client: Abu Dhabi Water and Electric Authority (ADWEA)
Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE
Starting Year: 2001

GPC provided consulting and project management support to the GISTEC and Khatib & Alami Team for the development of an Emirate-wide enterprise GIS database and application software system for managing water and electrical utility infrastructure in Abu Dhabi.  This $14M, 220,000 person hour, 14 month fast-track project is one of the most comprehensive and aggressive utility enterprise system ever undertaken anywhere in the world.  The system, substantially completed in April, 2002, addresses over 160 business processes within the planning, design, operations, maintenance, and administration activities of five companies involved in water and electrical transmission and distribution for the entire Emirate.  The system implementation effort included the:User needs survey, needs assessement and requirements analysis, data inventory and assessment, system design and implementation strategy;

  • Development of a comprehensive facility database for the entire Emirate, including over 180 data layers and 1700 tabular fields based on international water and electrical geodatabase models.  The entire system was implemented in an ArcGIS 8.X, SDE environment in Oracle;
  • Implementation of a complete computing infrastructure including a centralized data and application server environment integrated to the ADWEA Data Center and extending GIS services to over 350 people in 25 regional offices,
  • Implementation of the full Miner & Miner ArcFM application suite:
  • Development of several original application software modules for water and electrical facility siting, water tanker delivery management, switching analysis and other functions;
  • Pilot interface to the Maximo maintenance management system;
  • Interfaces to CYME and EPANet power and hydraulic modeling systems;
  • Interface of the GIS to the OMNIX customer information system;
  • Feasibility studies for interfacing the GIS to the Oracle Financial, SCADA, WATNET, and PSS/E;
  • Training of over 350 staff,
  • Orientation seminars for over 50 top managers in all the companies,
  • Mobilization of and extensive On-the-Job-Assistance program, comprising over 20 staff working directly within all the company premises over several months;
  • 3-month operations and maintenance period, comprising over 40 staff to stabilize and fine tune the system, and ensure effective technology transfer to ADWEA and the affiliated companies.

Mark Sorensen of GPC served as the Director of Operations for the project, and was involved in overseeing the entire project through the completion of the production phase.