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Statewide Ocean Resource Inventory (SORI)

Client: Florida Marine Research Institute (FMRI)
Location: St. Petersburg, Florida, USA
Starting Year: 1997

GPC has supported the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Florida Marine Research Institute (FMRI) in the development of a Web-based GIS data access and delivery system.  FMRI clientele are able to access the Institute’s extensive statewide GIS database, select one or more layers of information for a particular geographic area of interest, and download that information and its associated metadata.  The data is offloaded to an ftp site and the requestor is automatically sent an email to notify them that the data are available.  The information is left on the ftp site for 72 hours, after which it is deleted automatically by the system.  The initial SORI application suite is envisioned as one component of the FMRI Web Forum, intended to comprise a comprehensive outreach, communication and collaboration infrastructure connecting the Institute with other scientific research organizations, federal, state and local agencies, community decision makers and the general public.