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FMRI Process Innovation Study

Client: Florida Marine Research Institute (FMRI)
Location: St. Petersburg, Florida, USA
Starting Year: 1997

The Florida Marine Research Institute (FMRI), Coastal and Marine Resource Assessment (CAMRA) group grew rapidly from 3 persons to a staff of over 40 between 1990 and 1997.  The group has been extremely successful in the application and promotion of GIS, remote sensing and related technologies throughout the Institute, the State of Florida, and has pioneered the application of these tools to coastal resource management issues in the U.S. and abroad.  With that success came rapid growth and the inevitable growing pains.  In 1997, FMRI commissioned GPC to help assess the current administrative and technological framework of the organization, and to help define priorities and standards development to streamline and extend the group’s business model and technical infrastructure.  GPC facilitated a series of fact-finding workshops, and mobilized a small team of professionals to analyze the underlying administrative, technical, financial and human factors, and to fashion a series of potential future scenarios that could logically be considered by CAMRA.  GPC then led a second round of participatory workshops that allowed CAMRA staff to explore these scenarios and then fashion their own future path.  This process was structured to reveal the real issues underlying current challenges, and has helped to build new understandings and communication channels among staff and management.