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Yokohama Waterfront Reuse Planning

Client: Japan Housing Organization
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Starting Year: 1996

GPC prepared a waterfront reuse strategy for a portion of Yokohama Bay, Japan. The methodology and resulting plan are intended to represent a new and progressive vision for the utilization of Japan’s declining industrial waterfronts.  As heavy industry moves offshore, Japan has the opportunity to aggressively pursue new and emerging markets that will change the face of mankind in the coming decades.

The challenge being addressed in this project is how to understand the trends of this “new era” of economic development in Japan, and take proactive steps to introduce new and emerging industries and other productive uses for the waterfront, while maintaining a strong economic base, creating new jobs, restoring environmental integrity and creating healthy and safe places for people to work, live, play and learn.  A critical ingredient in this progressive vision is the introduction of energy efficiency and optimum use of local energy resources to support the idea of balanced planning and sustainable development principles along the coastal and associated marine environments.

The GPC team is applying a structured, computer-aided methodology for ecosystematic planning and site design for the new waterfront community. The methodology comprises several levels of analysis and a multi-disciplinary team of over 30 people.  The methodology analyzes the existing situation at the regional and community levels to understand present opportunities and constraints, including the technological hazards represented by past and remaining industrial uses of the site and surrounding areas.  The aggregate analysis is then used to define optimum community planning and site design options which are being translated to a physical site design.