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City and County of Honolulu System Design and Implementation Plan

Client: City and County of Honolulu
Location: Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Starting Year: 1988

Design and implementation planning and implementation support for a citywide GIS for the City of Honolulu, Hawai.  This four year project began with a user needs assessment and system design involving 16 different departments within the city government, and the development of a comprehensive database containing 12 layers of information (parcels, water distribution system, sewer collection system, storm drainage system, zoning boundaries, police beats, etc.) for the entire island of Oahu.  Later phases involved the development of a crime analysis system for the City's Police Department, Cadastral updating software for the Department of Land Utilization, implementation of applications software and data updating for a Sewer Information Management System for the city's Department of Wastewater Management.

Mr. Sorensen served as Senior Consultant for the design phase of the project as well as Project Manager for all the implementation phases of the project.  This included establishment of a data automation studio within the Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing PRC to support the initial mass data capture phase.