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Kuwait Ministry of Finance Enterprise GIS Design and Implementation

Client: Kuwait Ministry of Finance
Location: Kuwait
Starting Year: 2012

GPC GIS partnered with GISCON and Universe Computing to design and implement an enterprise GIS for the Kuwait Ministry of Finance.  The Ministry is responsible for compiling an inventory and assessment of all properties and buildings owned by the State, the administration of processes for taking private lands where required for public benefit, managing land exchanges between the government and private entities, running auctions for the sale of government owned land, and managing leases for markets and shops where these are established within government property.  In carrying out these activities, the Ministry works closely with Kuwait Municipality for planning and cadastral boundary matters, with the Ministry of Justice in regards to land title administration, and with many other units of government who are involved in land affairs.

Universe Computers of Kuwait is the prime contractor for the project.  GISCON, a Germany-based GIS and IT consulting consortium, carried out the technical management for this multi-year program.  GPC-GIS was responsible for the development of the Master Plan for the Ministry of Finance Enterprise System for Land and Property Management, and conducted interviews with key departments during the month of May 2012.  The project was initiated at the end of April 2012 with the Master Plan to be completed over the next several months.