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ADFCA Enterprise GIS Roadmap Framework

Many organizations similar to ADFCA around the world are now incorporating the use of geospatial technology into their business-wide enterprise informatics capabilities.  Geospatial support for food safety, agriculture and livestock is an emerging field that incorporates spatial and geographic dimensions to capture, manage, analysis and display agricultural and food safety information. Such capabilities are very valuable for deriving and visualizing this information in a manner that highlights the location, extent and characteristics of agriculture and food safety themes, providing valuable insights for policy development and decision making.  It also offers capabilities for spatially correlating and analyzing these themes in new and creative ways that were not previously feasible using traditional methods and tools.

During the past years ADFCA has managed to build a capable information technology infrastructure and support team. Although there are many applications and services now in place, the organization has recognized that significant additional benefits can be gained by adding a GIS capability to the Authority’s enterprise information infrastructure. To enhance ADFCA’s internal Geographic Information System (GIS) capacities, it has entrusted GPC to develop the ADFCA GIS Roadmap, develop foundation GIS applications and initiate the ADFCA GIS operational infrastructure.

The use of a GIS food control system will enable data integration, cross analysis and timely investigation that translates into a priceless tool for mitigating livestock epidemics and food consumption health risks threatening a population. It will also support, detailed traceability from ‘farm to fork’ - even for food supply beyond borders, effective detection of contamination, disease or pests and instigation to manage the outbreak, improve regulation of food growth and administration of animal welfare, and much more. The Enterprise GIS platform will improve operational efficiency, promote sustainability and empower decision makers at all level of government to make better informed decisions. International experiences, such as in the instances of the Mad Cow Disease and Foot and Mouth epidemics have proven that geographic accuracy is absolutely pivotal to disease control and food safety generally.