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Japan Land Planning Projects

Client: Japan Housing Organization
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Starting Year: 1986

Conducted over seventy land planning projects in Japan between 1985 and the present.  The projects ranged from Prefecture-wide environmental planning to site specific masterplans for communities and resorts.  The projects were mostly commissioned by the Japan Housing Organization and the Global Life Learning Foundation, both chaired by Dr. Taeko Matsuda, of Tokyo, Japan.  The focus of the projects was the application of environmentally-based planning and design in the development of sustainable communities in Japan.  GIS technology was used as a central tool for the analysis of environmental, socioeconomic, financial, aesthetic and engineering opportunities and constraints.

The three most recent projects, conducted during 1995, were carried out on behalf of the Japanese Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI).  These three research projects explored the opportunities for optimizing energy usage at the community level, including land use planning to reduce vehicle trips, local energy resource utilization (wind, solar, microhydro, etc.), infrastructure optimization, energy-efficient architectural design, solid waste recycling, cogeneration, and a host of other planning, design and technology implementation opportunities for "place-based" sustainable energy utilization.

As director of the ESRI Land Planning Group, Mr. Sorensen oversaw all the Japanese planning projects, including direct project management and oversight of other project managers.  Each project involved problem characterization, site reconnaissance, data collection and evaluation, data compilation and integration, data automation, data analysis, map product development, land use planning and community design, and final presentation preparation including slide presentations, videos, planning reports and booth exhibits.