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Florida State Lands, Land Records Modernization Program Evaluation and Strategic Plan

Client: Florida Department of Environmental Protection, State Lands Division
Location: Tallahassee, Florida, USA
Starting Year: 1998

In early 1997, GPC was commissioned by the State of Florida, Department of Environmental Protection, State Lands Division to evaluate specific components of their Land Records Modernization Program.  The purpose of the effort was to evaluate the current status of the key land records management components of the program, and to develop a strategic plan for integrating several related data management systems and the business processes that they support.  GPC worked closely with Modernization Program staff to document existing technologies, data stores and database development and management processes.  This information was used to identify key areas for future integration, and in laying out an implementation process for accomplishing this objective.  A key issue in this project was the careful consideration of current standards developed and supported by the DEP’s Bureau of Information Services (BIS), against the potential benefits and limitations of emerging technologies under consideration by the Modernization Program..