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Florida Marine Research Institute - Marine Spill Analysis System

Client: Florida Marine Research Institute (FMRI)
Location: St. Petersburg, Florida, USA
Starting Year: 1993

This project involved the planning, design and implementation of a comprehensive GIS-based system to support marine spill contingency planning and response.  An extensive user requirements survey was conducted, involving a wide variety of Federal, State and local government agencies and others involved in marine spill planning and response.  An comprehensive data inventory and evaluation was also conducted, and this information was used in the development of a database design and detailed implementation strategy.  The data compilation, integration, and automation strategy and key applications prototypes were then tested in the development of a pilot program for a limited geographic area.  The pilot was evaluated by all the “stakeholders”, and feedback was used to develop a final design and implementation strategy.

Mr. Sorensen served as Senior Consultant and Project Manager for a team of 17 GIS and marine spill contingency planning and response consultants.  He was also the principal author of a several volume system planning and design series, including:

  • Phase I - System and Database Needs Assessment Report.  Defines the functional and data requirements for the full marine spill analysis system, based on an extensive survey of user requirements.
  • Phase I - Appendix A Data Inventory and Evaluation Forms.  All relevant data uncovered during a statewide data inventory and evaluation stage are summarized.
  • Phase II - Database Acquisition and Application Development Manual.  Presents an overall conceptual design for the data an application software for the ultimatl configuration of the FMSAS, and a strategy for GIS data acquisition, integration and automation.
  • Phase III - Prototype Automated Atlas Report.  Documents the database and application software pilot system that was implemented during the project.
  • Phase IV - Full-Scale Implementation Report.  Presents the development of a long-term implementation plan for the incremental and phased development of a statewide marine spill analysis system.
  • Program Maintenance Manual.  The Program Maintenance Manual describes the organization and operation of the programs in sufficient detail to permit system maintenance by the onsite system managers and programmers.
  • Pilot Application User Manual.  The User’s Guide provides instructions to assist the user in the operation of the user interface system developed for the marine spill analysis system.

This original plan has been used for several years to guide the ongoing implementation of the system..