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Energy Efficient Community Planning and Design in Japan

Client: Global Life Learning Foundation (GLLF)
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Starting Year: 1996

GPC, in association with the Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI®), Redlands, California and Misawa Homes, Tokyo Japan, has conducted three major energy research projects for the Japanese Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI).  Mark Sorensen of GPC directed a multi-disciplinary team of over sixty people in fourteen different companies to carry out these projects.  In addition to managing the overall effort, GPC staff designed and implemented a methodology and automated decision support tools for environmental site analysis, population facility and service projections, and place-based energy technology selection.  These models were used to analyze three sites in Japan, and in the formulation and a development program and physical guidelines for the design of prototypical energy-efficient communities on each site.

ARC/INFO GIS-based models were used to analyze a broad range of site development opportunities and constraints for various uses including housing, mixed use commercial, recreational, and natural habitat preservation.  An extensive spreadsheet model was developed to determine requirements and necessary land allocations for various community facilities and services based on sociodemographic and market factors.  A third model was use to determine appropriate energy-efficient technologies for the planned community related to transportation, infrastructure and buildings..