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Jammu and Kashmir State (India) SDI Workshop

Client: Jammu and Kashmir State
Location: India
Starting Year: 2009

Kashmir State was held June 29-30, 2009 at the University of Jammu and Kashmir.  The workshop was facilitated by the University with technical support from several private sector companies and other institutions.  GPC was commissioned to support the development of the workshop agenda and to make key presentations within the overall format.   The workshop was attended by over 100 representatives from several State Government entities, the Federal Government, several private companies and other interested groups.  The Workshop focused on raising the awareness of GIS and SDI principles and practice, discussion of the need for such an infrastructure in JK, and building consensus in regards to the way forward.

The Workshop concluded with the agreement for a smaller group to work with Indian and international experts to develop an initial “discussion draft” work plan.  The current document is based on international experience and feedback from Workshop attendees and defines an approach for moving the JK-SDI Initiative forward in a manner that addresses both urgent, near-term needs and opportunities as well as longer term strategic planning and the need for incremental and systematic program development over time.  This initial work plan was to be distributed to the representative organizations for review and comment, and feedback received used to create a final draft plan to be submitted to the Chief Minister along with a petition from the involved organizations requesting that the JK-SDI be formalized and that immediate actions be taken to seek funding and technical support resources to move the initiative forward.