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ArRiyadh Development Authority Information Management Strategic Plan

Client: ArRiyadh Development Authority
Location: Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Starting Year: 2005

The ADA is the planning and implementation arm of the High Commission for the Development of ArRiyadh (HC).  In this capacity it is responsible for community planning and development coordination for Riyadh City, and is also overseeing the development of the strategic plan for the ArRiyadh region.  The Agency is also responsible for the planning, design and implementation of selected public facilities in the City, and manages all aspects of community planning, development, construction and other municipal management-type functions within the Diplomatic Quarter.   GPC guided a team of consultants in working with the ADA to prepare an Information Management Strategic Plan to determine the way forward for the expansion and refinement of the organization’s information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure as a fundamental component of the ADA’s institutional modernization process.  GPC guided a team of consultants in collaboration with Dar Al Handasah Consultants, to inventory the organization’s current situation, establish a vision for the future state for a full enterprise GIS/IS capability, and the development of a staged implementation plan for its accomplishment.  Business processes were mapped for most functional units across the ADA, including an inventory of all the information system and data resources, manual or digital, across all business units and a survey of existing staff computing skillsets.  Workshops were held with senior staff from all departments to explore the state of the art in advanced information systems from standard IT and GIS to active system monitoring and multi-media information management, discovery, and utilization..