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Amanat Baghdad GIS Assessment and Strategic Plan

Client: Research Triangle Inc.
Location: Baghdad, Iraq
Starting Year: 2004

RTI International was awarded a contract by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to participate in the reconstruction of Iraq. Under this contract, RTI is responsible for implementing the Iraq Local Governance Project (LGP) in Iraq's 18 national governorates.  The LGP is a capacity-building project that aims to improve the quality of governance in Iraq's governorates, cities, and towns in order to bring concrete improvements to the quality of life of Iraqi citizens.  As part of the LGP it has been recognized that geographic information system (GIS) technology can provide effective tools and data to support local government planning and operations. The Amanat Baghdad was chosen as the focus for an initial effort to determine how GIS can be used to most effectively support local government functions and decision making, and a strategy for its implementation.   The purpose of the current GIS assessment is to lay a strategy for advancing the use of GIS to support the operations of the Amanat Baghdad.  The strategy will address both the immediate requirements and priorities of the current situation, as well as lay the foundation for an "Enterprise GIS" that can be built over time.  This project is building on previous work in GIS development at the Amanat Baghdad, including the 1985 GIS Requirements Analysis for a "Capital Area Development Information System (CADIS)" that was carried out as part of the Baghdad 2001 Masterplan development under the auspices of the Japanese Consortium of Consulting Firms (JCCF), and subsequent efforts within the City in 1985.  Mark Sorensen of GPC who is carrying out the assessment was the manager for the original municipal GIS project, and was personally involved in all end user interviews (inclusive of 14 Departments within the Amanat Al Assima and 8 related Ministries), requirements analysis, and system design.