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World Bank GIS Situation Assessment and Technology Strengthening Strategy

Client: The World Bank
Location: Washington DC, USA
Starting Year: 2003

Geographic Information System (GIS) technology has been in use at the World Bank for over twenty years, and has been applied to hundreds of development projects and research initiatives.  Through its research work and lending projects, the Bank is arguably the largest single indirect producer of geospatial data on the planet.  At the same time, a large number of United Nations agencies and others in the international development community have been developing GIS capacity to support their work, and there is a growing and increasingly organized group of collaborators who have begun to develop standards and share ideas and data.  In this project, GPC supported the World Bank, Information Solutions Group (ISG) in conducting a rapid overview requirements analysis and the development of a near-term implementation strategy for the effective strengthening of Geographic Information System (GIS) technology as a fundamental component of the Bank's information infrastructure.  This effort borrows extensively from previous efforts at the Bank and builds on the important findings and insights of those works.  It also presents a strategy for the incremental, staged strengthening of GIS technology applications at the Bank over the next few years.