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Irvine Ranch Water District GIS Assessment

Client: Irvine Ranch Water District
Location: Irvine, California, USA
Starting Year: 2003

The Irvine Ranch Water District (IRWD) has maintained a progressive and proactive GIS development strategy for many years, and has been a showcase for effective application of GIS technology to water utility management in the region and beyond.  The IRWD GIS is recognized as one of the most complete utility AM/FM/GIS systems in the region, and has been used far beyond classical facility mapping to support advanced master planning, hydraulic analysis, and other issues.

IRWD wished to migrate its current GIS (Arc/Info 7.2.1) to the latest version of the ArcGIS (8.X) software to take advantage of new and revolutionary (at the time) advancements in the technology.  These advantages include more integrated object-relational data modeling, maintenance of geospatial data directly within an RDBMS environment, faster performance, more flexible and powerful options for end user access and use of the system, and integration with other enterprise information systems at the District.  The implementation of the new GIS technology also offers the opportunity to expand the use of GIS to support other business functions in IRWD.  The integration of GIS with these other business function will leverage the investment in GIS and will provide additional opportunities improve efficiencies and to improve the quality of the day-to-day decisions by providing quick access to most of the current information maintained by IRWD in wide variety of other systems.  GPC supported Americec, Inc. in conducting all aspects of the project, including the development of a system design and implementation strategy for the migration and extension of the system towards a full enterprise system over time.