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GPC Group In Malaysia for GeoQuest and GeoSmart Events

Geosmart-Asia2017GPC Group In Malaysia for GeoQuest and GeoSmart Events

Mark Sorensen, GPC Group founder and president was invited by Geospatial Media and Communications to participate in various expert meetings, presentations and panels associated with the GeoSmart Asia conference and pre-conference events held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia between 18-24 August 2017. The conference is held annually and attracts over 1,000 attendees from all over the Asia Region. Geospatial Media and Communications is “an internationally accredited organisation, that has committed itself to serve stakeholders of the geospatial community and work towards opening a new era of industrialization and productization, while facilitating collaboration and demonstrating value and benefits of geospatial technology and information for governance, businesses and people”.

GPC contributed to the GeoQuest meeting, a very unique platform of about 35 executives representing a select group of companies, public organisations, and multilateral agencies around the world, who got together for 3 days in an informal setting to exchange notes and deliberate on emerging trends and directions of geospatial industry, and to explore collaborative synergies. GPC participated in two discussion topics as a panelist, including:

(Re)Defining Geospatial Brand and Your Association: discussion on defining geospatial brand and communication strategies around it. It highlighted the need for developing a comprehensive description of the discipline that covers geospatial and develop and implement a campaign around it.

Geospatial Infrastructure, Policies and Capacities – A National Priority: For any nation geospatial infrastructure, policies and capacities go hand in hand for the industry to flourish and for its maximum utilization. This panel discussion put forth views on having these as a national priority for achieving various economic and developmental goals.

GPC also participated in the Pre-Conference Seminar on Socio-Economic Value of Geospatial for National and Regional Development, 21 August 2017. This full-day event targeted 100+ leaders from all parts of the geospatial ecosystem – policymakers, adopters/users, entrepreneurs, investors, and researchers - to discuss innovative new ideas, as well as to explore the pathway that can further expand the outreach of geospatial value in national economy. GPC’s presentation to the group addressed the important role of the governments in developing countries to establish strategies and procedures to better align and channel funding from international donors for more systemic impact, and the role of GIS and national spatial data infrastructures (NSDI) in doing so.

The main event, the three-day GeoSmart Asia 2017, 22-24 August 2017 conference was attended by over 1000 delegates. GPC participated as a Plenary Session panelist on Geospatial Infrastructure and Policy Frameworks: Defining National Geospatial Strategy for Sustainable Development. This session discussed the critical role of geospatial infrastructure and policy intervention in driving sustainable national and regional development. Mark presented GPC’s concept of SDI+ (Smart Development Infrastructure for Sustainable Development and Investment). This concept recognizes the need to extend the “supply side” focus of traditional spatial data infrastructure (SDI) to more proactively address “demand side” issues of policy making, land use and infrastructure planning, development investment, monitoring and adaptive management.

All in all, a fantastic series of meetings and networking with colleagues from all over Asia. Looking forward to next year!!