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Esri ArcNews Honours Mark Sorensen - GPC Founder, as a GIS Hero!

MarkHero6Esri's ArcNews Magazine in it's Fall 2015 edition has been featuring a series of articles honoring individuals who have made a difference in the world by applying a GIS solution to challenges or needs within their communities. Mark Sorensen, GPC's CEO and Founder was one such honoured GIS Hero!

"That made complete sense—to know more about the environmental forces you are dealing with in a space and then think about the human systems you interject into those spaces," said Sorensen.

"He works at the outer fringe of possibility," said Esri senior consultant Mike Larrance, who has done projects with Sorensen around the world. "He does these jobs that probably not a lot of people would do. The fact that he just pushes through, regardless of circumstance, is a testimony to his passion about GIS technology."

Titled "On the Fringes of Possibility", the featured article summaries Mark's journey as a GIS expert. Please click here for the full article.