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GPC Presents SDI 3.0 and Exhibits at GISWORX 2015

markatgisworx At the largest and most exciting 10th Annual GISWORX gathering of GIS users in the Middle East - 21-23 April, President of GPC-GIS and the GPC Group Mark Sorensen presented at the opening plenary session with a 20 minute insight into Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) 3.0. Highlighting the importance of next generation government needing to adopt a ‘GeoSmart’ whole system approach for sustainability and resiliency, he explained the evolution of ‪SDI‬‬‬ and the necessity of redefining the essential framework to reflect new and emerging technologies and opportunities.

With an audience of approximately 700 geospatial professional from around the Region, other plenary speakers also held deep engagement with addresses from the Ministry of Environment and Water, Dubai Municipality, Mohamed Abuziad - CEO of GISTEC, Khawla Al Fahim from Abu Dhabi Systems and Information Centre (ADSIC) and Dean Angelides of Esri among others. Mark Sorensen said, “The presentations were largely focused on connecting modern technology to smarter developments in order to bring greater impact to people and their lives. There was also recognition that geospatial concepts are increasingly being built into many areas of government business and public life – substantially contributing to sustainable development aspirations”. Click here to download Mark's full presentation. 

Furthermore at GISWORX, in acknowledgement of Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority’s (ADFCA) efforts in enhancing and modernizing its services in the agriculture and food sector by leveraging Geospatial information and technology – ADFCA has been awarded the ‘Excellence in GIS Implementation’ (EGI) Awards this year by GISWORX. As a continuation of the GPC–ADFCA collaboration, and following the successful delivery of the ADFCA GIS Roadmap and a set of geospatially enabled applications supporting business operations across all sectors -  GPC Senior Consultants Sherif Awad and Mahmoud Jaafar have supported  ADFCA in enhancing its GIS profile.

With approximately 1,000 registered visitors browsing the exhibition floor, GPC’s booth showcases its service offerings among other industry leading GIS companies and government entities for the duration of the three day event.