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G7+ Togo Ministerial Meeting discuss SDI4D

g7pluslogoThe GPC Group is pushing forward with its program to promote the application of Spatial Data Infrastructure for Development (SDI4D) where it is needed most, with special emphasis on Least Developed Countries (LDC’s), fragile states and Small Island Developing States (SIDS).

The g7+ is a voluntary association of 20 countries that are or have been affected by conflict and are now in transition to the next stage of development. The main objective of the g7+ is to share experiences and learn from one another, and to advocate for reforms to the way the international community engages in conflict-affected states see more at www.g7plus.org. The GPC Group is collaborating with the Earth Institute of Columbia University to explore ways that GIS and SDI4D can assist “fragile” states in their quest for stability and sustainable, resilient development.  This collaboration was initiated through a March 2014 group meeting convened by Earth Institute at the Rockefeller Bellagio Conference Center in Italy where mutual commitments were made to explore this area further.

In May, 2014 representatives from GPC Group and the Earth Institute participated as invited observers in the 3rd Ministerial Meeting of the g7+ held in Lomé, Togo, where they were asked to present the notion of SDI for fragile states to the attending Ministers and Prime Ministers. The delegates, most of whom were from Ministries of Finance, were introduced to GIS and its application. The presentation also covered the resistances faced in developing viable SDI programs under challenging circumstances, and stressed the value of SDI as an enabling environment for more coordinated and effective development investment. Dr. Tatiana Wah, of the Earth Institute explained the value of geospatial information and analysis in conducting fragility assessments and supporting development through various levels of stabilization. Mark Sorensen, President of the GPC Group provided an overview of how GIS is being applied to development and post-conflict recovery situations around the world, and outlined the issues, opportunities and challenges involved in bringing disparate parties together to share information during difficult times.

For more information regarding SDI for Development (SDI4D), please contact our offices details here.

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