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GPC Presents on ‘Spatial Data for Resilience’ at Resilient Cities 2014

City-of-Bonn-4The 5th Annual Congress of Resilient Cities held at the end of May in Bonn - Germany, was attended by over 500 government officials, technical experts and investors to exchange detailed insights, innovations and experiences in building resilient cities. Joseph Abdo, Director of Business Operations was invited from GPC to present on ‘Spatial Data for Resilience’. Highlighting the combined importance of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI), Joseph said “traditional enterprise GIS for local government could be integrated with innovative technology and techniques to create spatial data resilience – where real-time information and analysis could improve public service delivery, and more importantly empower decision makers at all level of government to make better informed decisions”. Creating access to an integrative, visual, quantitative and analytical information tool that provides cross-platform transparency with a holistic multi-stakeholder approach - can form the foundation of a sustainable city.

To illustrate cities implementing resilient SDI, Joseph presented GPC’s current major programmes in Abu Dhabi which embeds SDI in its smart city design and its sustainable development initiatives. This created great interest, leading to stimulating dialogue on issues such as feasibility for government applying open data policies and practices for the general public, evolving technologies and pace of adoption, to policy and governance with strategic partnerships.          
The City of Wuppertal in Germany and the City of Rotterdam in the Netherlands also presented in the same session, supporting the notion that global climate change impact will be the likely trigger for cities to shift towards resilient SDI. This provided GPC opportunity to informally continue discussions around its strategic efforts in climate change resilience and environmental projects that it has embarked upon around various parts of the world.

Resilient Cities is the global platform for urban resilience and climate change adaptation, organized by ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability and co-hosted by the World Mayors Council on Climate Change and the City of Bonn, Germany.

Image author: Matthias Zepper