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gpb-inc-logoIn today's technological environment, information is a real and tangible commodity, and it comes in many shapes and forms. Modern information management can integrate, retrieve, analyze and cross-reference data in all its diverse forms including text, tables, maps, drawings, images, videos, sound and others. The hardware and software tools for capturing, managing and using this information are converging into many powerful, flexible and accessible forms. Geographic Information Systems (GIS), remote sensing, Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD), Global Positioning Satellite (GPS), document management systems, work flow process management, Internet/Intranet - these are all core technologies which are having a profound impact on how we live, work, play and learn. The plummeting cost of technology acquisition, a growing network of global communications, and the widely increasing availability of information in digital form is making these tools available to a broad range of organizations. This revolution has opened up challenging new opportunities for carrying out many of our day-to-day tasks more efficiently. At another level, these new tools have far reaching potential for actually redefining entire professions and creating new disciplines. While we are best known for our technology focus, our most valuable resource is our people. We have assembled a complementary team of multi-disciplinary professionals who have the background to turn emerging technologies into practical tools for carrying out real life tasks within a wide range of topics. Our staff includes seasoned professionals with expertise in urban and regional planning, resource management, geography, earth sciences, remote sensing, computer science, landscape architecture, environmental assessment, multi-media, graphic communications, international finance and other disciplines. GPC staff create, configure and apply technology to meet the specific needs of each client. We stay abreast of the latest technological innovations, and we assemble and manage multi-disciplinary teams to solve our client's problems. In addition to our core staff, we have also developed strong alliances with a complementary and broadly based network of affiliated companies and specialized consultants all over the world. This method of operation gives us the ability to configure highly dynamic teams of professionals with the right skills needed to address any specific project's requirements, regardless of company affiliation or geographic location.